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Breastfeeding Specialist, 

Mobile Lactation Services

Help With Breastfeeding is Just a Phone Call Away!

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Over 1000 hits

Posted on December 5, 2011 at 1:24 PM Comments comments (32)
breastfeedingspecialistI'm excited to report we have over 1000 hits on our website. Over half of the people who went to our website looked around. We also have 8 clicks on our ad words campaign. We got our business license approved Yeah! According to the City of Long Beach they have never licensed a private lactation Consultant before. It took some explaining. Most people don't know what a IBCLC is, so the number 1 question is always. What did you say you do?
Our Raffle is rolling so make sure to get your tickets only 42 more days to go. Our next prenatal class is on this Wednesday at 6:30pm we are looking forward to a great class.  You can get a discount on our classes and services @  We have also begun our street campaign passing out cards, giving away prizes and letting people know were here.


Posted on November 8, 2011 at 3:10 PM Comments comments (192)
"BFSPC Raffle"
Starts November 1, 2011 and Ends January 1, 2012
Tickets Cost $1.00 3 chances to win
1st  prize $100.00 *2nd Prize $50.00 *3rd  prize $25.00
Winners will be notified by phone and Acknowledged on our website GOOD LUCK!Breastfeeedingspecialist Logo
Breastfeeding Specialist. Org
705 East Atresia Blvd. Long beach, CA 90805
562-674-8500 Cell/ 562-422-7800 Office