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Fathers are Supporting Breastfeeding!

Posted on June 28, 2012 at 1:14 AM Comments comments (130)
Wrt here.
Some people ask me do fathers ever come to myclass. The answer is yes, not only do fathers come to my class, sometimes it’s the fathers who call me to do home visits. Fathers, Brothers, Sons,Grandfathers, Step fathers have all proven to be strong advocates and supporters of breastfeeding. From men who have sat in NICU’s with shirts open skin to skin with their preemie babies, to men who are right there ready with arms open for you to hand off a baby too, to the men who offer encouragement and support to keep breastfeeding when the going gets tough. To men who are not embarrassed for their baby to be nursed in public.
I Solute You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!