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Shirley Morales Copenhagen 1973

Posted on December 16, 2016 at 11:53 PM
Shirley Morales who used a blue bicycle horn manual breast pump in Copenhagen in 1973 and such got such a surplus of milk that she sold it to the Childrens Hospital for premature and sick infants. A Milkman who come 4 mornings a week and pick up the milk. She would sell the milk in 1/2 liter bottles and she was paid $2.50 per bottle. Now Human milk is sold in milk banks all over the world for $3.85 per ounce.

Its mothers like Shirley who set the pace for the future of Human Milk Banking

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I agree that thanks to the pioneering efforts of Shirley, women today who cannot produce milk for their newborns can purchase from a breast milk bank. Another option is to search for women who just gave birth, who for some reason have a surplus of breast milk. I know of a gay couple who had their twins via surrogacy. When the milk from the surrogate ran out, they found this site or forum where lactating women selflessly share their milk for strangers. This is a noble thing to do because breast milk is really important for babies. It has all the important nutrients and vitamins to help them grow healthy.
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